Session Booking Type

Session booking types determine how appointments are scheduled and booked.

The session booking types are:
  • Normal - appointments are made for this session in the usual way.
  • Untimed - appointments can be made, but all appointments are given the same start time, which is the start time of the session. This is useful when a number of patients are to be seen for the same thing and the duration is expected to be short. For example, influenza immunisations and antenatal clinics.
  • Walk-in Only - appointments cannot be made for this session, it is kept free for walk-in patients only.

Example group session

This session type is for scenarios where patients are all asked to turn up at the same time and are then seen one after the other, for example for influenza immunisations.

However it can also be used to create a fixed length group session into which you can book multiple people. For example, a daily session for an exercise group with a maximum of 10 people.
  1. If you don't already have one, set a facility:
    1. Select File > Reference Tables > Appointment Facilities.
    2. In the Facility Maintenance window, click Add iconAdd and enter the following information:
      • Place and Mode - Millenium Health Service
      • Description - Exercise Room
    3. Click Save.
  2. Add the group session type:
    1. Select File > Appointments > Session Types.
    2. In the Appointment Session Maintenance window, click Add iconAdd.
      Example new untimed session type
    3. In the new row, in the Session Description column, enter Exercise Group. This description is displayed in each timeslot when you add the session to the appointment book.
    4. From the Session Booking Type list, select Untimed. All appointments are given the same start time.
    5. Click Save.
  3. Add the session template:
    1. Select File > Appointments > Session Templates.
    2. In the Session template window, from the Provider list, select who will be conducting the exercise session.
    3. Click Add iconAdd.
      Example group session template
    4. In the Session template window, from the Facility list, select the facility specified in step 1, Exercise Room.
    5. If you want more than one appointment provider in the same room at the same time, set Allow Facilities Overlap.
    6. From the Session Type list, select the session type specified in step 2, Exercise Group.
    7. Enter a start time, end time and timeslot duration.
      Note: Restrict the session length by setting the duration according to the number of participants in the session: divide the length of the session by the number of particpants. For example, for a 60 minute session, set Timeslot Duration to 6 minutes for 10 people, 5 minutes for 12 people and so on.
    8. Click Save.
  4. Add the timeslots:
    1. In the Appointment Timeslot template window, add the number of timeslots available, either press cursor down or click Add iconAdd and enter 20.
      Example appointment timeslots
    2. Repeat 8 times, incrementing the number. All appointments have the same start time and duration.
    3. Click Save.
  5. Enable the session template:
    1. Double-click the session template you've been working with (specified in step 4).
    2. Set Enabled.
    3. Click Save.

If the session is a weekly repeating session it is added to the appointment book automatically.

If the session is manual, add the session to the appointment book:
  1. In the main toolbar, click Appointments Book buttonAppointments Book.
  2. In the Appointment Book, go to the required day and click Insert session buttonInsert.
  3. In the Session Templates List, select the provider specified in step 1, Exercise Provider.
  4. Click OK.
The exercise group is added to the appointments book.
Example exercise group appointments

You can now book a group of up to 10 people into a 7am exercise group, in the exercise room.