Text Shortcuts

Add or modify the text shortcuts for commonly used blocks of text available in Communicare. Text shortcuts can be used by clinicians in progress notes and letters.

Only users belonging to a user group with the Reference Tables system access right can edit the list of text shortcuts.

Shortcut identifiers must meet the following conditions:
  • Be unique
  • Be up to 9 characters in length
  • Not contain any spaces
Tip: To avoid unintentional use of a shortcut when typing progress notes and letter items, use a naming convention. For example, start the shortcut with a . character or other identifier, such as / or ,.
To edit the available text shortcuts:
  1. Select File > Reference Tables > Text Shortcuts.
  2. In the Text Shortcut Maintenance window, the Shortcut pane lists the shortcuts available on your system. Select a shortcut to display the text that will be substituted in the Expanded Text pane. Edit the text in the Expanded Text pane as required.
    Tip: Don't place text that is a shortcut identifier, such as .hx, into the expanded text.
  3. Click
    Save icon