Medicare Benefits Schedule Shortlist

Because the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) is so big it is necessary to mark the items you are likely to require to make selection easier when using the schedule. To further assist with ease of selection, each item is given an 'Order' number. The MBS items are sorted into 'Order' sequence, so frequently used items should be given low numbers to make then appear near the top of lists without the need to scroll.

Each shortlisted item must also be given a 'Short Description'. This is the description you will see in selection lists when using the MBS.

The maintenance window can be accessed from the menu File > Reference Tables > Medicare Benefits Schedule.

Use the tree on the left to navigate the MBS categories. Double clicking an item description (which can be very long) causes it to be displayed in a window of its own.

The row height of the display can be adjusted via a box near the bottom of the window for greatest viewing ease.

Items that have subsequently been deleted by Medicare Australia are shown in Grey. If a deleted item is currently shortlisted then it is shown in red to alert you.