Medicare Benefits Schedule Import

Communicare is initially supplied with the MBS already loaded. Updated versions can be obtained from the Portal.

To update the MBS version that Communicare uses:
  1. Download the most recent drug data file from Communicare User Portal - Help and Support:
    1. Log on to Communicare User Portal with your username and password (register online if you do not have these).
    2. On the Help and Support tab, in the MBS tile, click Download. An archive with the XML file is downloaded to your computer.
    3. Extract the XML file to your computer.
  2. In Communicare, select File > Reference Tables > Medicare Benefits Schedule > Import MBS
  3. Follow the instructions to download the file and import into Communicare.
Note: If you are running in a Citrix client environment, directories mounted on a client device, including CD-ROM, DVD or a USB memory stick may not be available to users unless Citrix is configured for client drive mapping. Please refer to Citrix documentation or ask for their support to configure client drive mapping.