INR Chart

INR Chart

This report prints the current (latest) Target INR (International Normalised Ratio) value and date and display a table containing historical dates with INR values and warfarin dosage with the associated clinical item comment. For a date and comment to be included a clinical item must have one of the following qualifiers with a recorded value: INR, Target INR, Warfarin dose (see below for details).

The report will print for the current patient if printed from the Clinical Record or will prompt for patient selection of launched from the report menu or report search screen.


The Target INR value is calculated as the latest measure value for a qualifier with an export code of 'TARG-INR'.

Target INR Qualifier with 'Export Code' highlighted

(Target INR Qualifier with 'Export Code' highlighted)

The INR values shown in the table are values for qualifiers for the central INR qualifier or any qualifier with the system code of 'INR'.

(INR Qualifier with 'System Code' highlighted)

The warfarin dosages shown are any qualifier values associated with the export code of 'WRF'. Warfarin dosages will look at the text value and then the numeric value of the measure if no text value is present.

(Warfarin Dose Qualifier with 'Export Code' highlighted)