Preterm Centile Chart

Charts for head circumference, height (length) and weight can be viewed for children who were born preterm.

The charts are based on the 'Fenton 2013 Preterm charts'.

In order to graph patient data, the following information must exist for the patient.

Patient Biographics

  • Date of Birth
  • Sex

Birth Details - Clinical Item:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Head circumference
  • Gestational age at birth - if weeks and days are known, enter the weeks as a whole number and days as a decimal, rounded to 1 decimal place. For example, for 31/40 + 4 enter 31.6.
    • 0.1 for one day
    • 0.3 for two days
    • 0.4 for three days
    • 0.6 for four days
    • 0.7 for five days
    • 0.9 for six days

Any clinical items containing child growth information:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Head circumference