Patient Import

Patient information may be imported into Communicare from either a csv file or Medicare Australia's Medicare data files.

To run the import simply select menu File > Import Patient Biographic's File... and follow the on screen instructions.

Details of import process will be reported at the end of operation and saved in Patient_Import.log in the Communicare program folder.

CSV File Import

The format of the csv file is defined in PatientImport.xls which can be found in the Communicare program folder. A csv file can be created from PatientImport.xls by using Excel's 'Save As' command.

It is best not to edit the PatientImport.xls file in the Communicare program folder because it will be overwritten by any Communicare upgrade. Instead, copy it to a working folder and edit it there. .

Dates must be formatted as dd/mm/yyyy.

*Medicare Australia's Medicare Data File Import * Contact the Medicare Australia EDI Help Desk by phone on 1300 550 115 to request the supply of Medicare patient data files. One file is supplied for each provider, containing details of each provider's patients.

These files contain Name, Date of Birth, Sex and Medicare card number only. No address information is contained in these files. Each imported patient's address is left blank, except for locality, which is set to the 'Default Community' according to System_Parameters.