Reference Tables

The system reference tables form a basic dictionary of information used throughout the system.

The list of Transport Modes for example, is a reference table. It tells Communicare what the transport modes names are. Communicare will allow you to select a mode of transport from that list. You can't record a transport mode that is not on the list. From time to time you may need to add records to the list.

There are two types of Reference Table maintenance form, those with one grid and those with two. The single grid forms have a single set of navigation buttons and adding or editing a record may be done in the grid (Public Holidays) or in a separate dialog box (Automated Recall Types). Those forms with two grids also have a single set of navigation buttons. It is important to click in the grid you wish to edit before selecting the appropriate navigation button. All of the forms with two grids are edited in the grid.

It is very important that reference table records are not changed to mean something different. It is always OK to correct an error, for example a misspelling, but a record must NEVER be changed so that its meaning is changed. For example, you should not change the record for "Royal Flying Doctor Service" to read "Plane". If you did make such a change, all transfers ever made by "RFDS" would appear as "Plane" instead. This may cause confusion if other air services are used or limit future transport statistics.

Typically, you need System Administrator rights to work with reference tables.