Background Processes

Communicare runs a number of server-side background processes that integrate with various external services.

You cannot edit the configuration of these processes. However, if you require variations, such as to schedule backups for a different time, or to change the frequency with which the results folder is checked, contact Communicare Support.

Table 1. Background processes
Process Example Frequency Description
CCareQueue_ADSync Daily, 4-4:30pm If Windows based authentication is on, synchronises all Communicare user groups to the mapped AD groups.
CCareQueue_Appointments Daily Executes any stored procedure in the database with the prefix DAILY_ and generates appointment sessions and timeslots. For example, updating patient status, cancelling expired recalls, cleaning up log files and temporary holding tables, validating patient records and encounter records.
ccareQueue_Argus Every 10 mins, 9am-8pm Processes Argus incoming and outgoing secure messages. If a site uses Argus, both ccareQueue_Argus and ccareQueue_Argus_Nightly should be enabled.
ccareQueue_Argus_Nightly Nightly, 9pm-12am As for ccareQueue_Argus, but the command runs without a time limit. If a site uses Argus, both ccareQueue_Argus and ccareQueue_Argus_Nightly should be enabled.
CCareQueue_CleanArgus Weekly Trims the Argus database of any archived mail items older than a month.
CCareQueue_Communications Configurable

In V21.1 and later, runs on a schedule to process the SMS appointment reminder templates and send both direct SMS messages and bulk SMS messages to patients identified in an SMS appointment reminder template using Telstra Health's SMS gateway (TH Messaging).

The scheduler finds and executes SMS appointment reminder templates. The following scheduler options are set by the Communicare Implementation team in Communicare_installation\CCareQueue_Communications\appsettings.json:
  • AppointmentRunJobStartTime - time at which the scheduler starts daily. Default: 7:00 AM
  • AppointmentRunJobEndTime - time at which the scheduler stops running daily. Default: 10:00 PM
  • AppointmentRunIntervalMinutes - interval at which the scheduler runs. Default: 15 minutes
  • AppointmentRunWindowMinutes - window of time that the scheduler searches for an appointment template to run at each interval. Default: 30 minutes
CCareQueue_DataSync Every 3 mins, 7am-8pm Processes incoming datasync files from the results folder.
CCareQueue_EHR Every 10 mins, 9am-8pm In the Northern Territory, processes My E-Health Record (MeHR) documents that are in the order queue and loads them into the Argus database.
CCareQueue_Etp Every 5 mins, 8am-8pm Sends electronic prescriptions to the eRx service.
CCareQueue_EurekaLogs Daily Prunes logs from the drop folder that are older than 30 days.
CCareQueue_FullBackup Daily, weekly, monthly Runs the Communicare internal backup at 5pm by default.
CCareQueue_Hi as required Validates Health Identifier numbers against the Health Identifier Service.
CCareQueue_HIC Hourly, 9:30am-8pm & 2am
Performs all automated Online Claiming functions, including:
  • 9am-12pm, requests processing and payment reports for sent claims
  • 9am-12pm, Enterprise Patient Verification
  • 2am, sends all valid immunisation records to AIR
  • Always, processes the queue for pending bulk bill claims
CCareQueue_HSDSync Daily, 9-11pm Synchronises National Human Services Directory (NHSD) linked addresses from the Communicare address book with the NHSD via Argus.
CCareQueue_Mehr Daily, 8-11:59pm Checks that the patient is registered on MeHR
CCareQueue_Pcehr Daily, 8-11:59pm

Looks up patients to see if they have registered for My Health Record. The process finds all patients with an IHI number but no My Health Record, then for each one:

  • Searches for an active My Health Record for the patient, which must also be accessible to the organisation
  • If a My Health Record is found for the patient:
    • Updates PATIENT.HAS_PCEHR to True
    • If the My Health Record Consent is currently Not Asked, sets the My Health Record Consent to Yes
    • If the My Health Record Consent is already Yes or No, no change is made
CCareQueue_PcehrUpload Every 5 mins, 8am-10pm Uploads My Health Record documents to My Health Record from the order queue. Documents awaiting upload are listed in Documents and Results > Outgoing Documents tab with a Pending status.
CCareQueue_Reports Daily Runs queued reports.
CCareQueue_Results Every 3 mins, 7am-8pm Processes incoming results from the results folder, including PIT and HL7 files
CCareQueue_RunAIR Every 30 mins, 12:15am-2am Allows immunisations to be sent to AIR. This command tells CCareQueue_HIC to run the AIR claims only at a certain time, for example, at midnight.
CCareQueue_RunHIC Every 60 mins, 9:30am-8pm Tells CCareQueue_HIC to run all HIC commands except the AIR feed. If a site does not claim, this is not used.
CCareQueue_SendLog Daily, 3:10-3:20am Schedule all other processes to end before the send log starts.
CCareQueue_SMD configurable Controls the interval at which outgoing and incoming messages are sent and received and how often the PDS is checked for updates. CCareQueue_SMD is not configured to run automatically during installation of Communicare, and is instead configured by the Implementation team during set up. When CCareQueue_Smd.config.json is configured, a new line is added to Services.ini to enable CCareQueue_SMD to run at a regular interval.
CCareQueue_SMS Every 5 mins, 8am-8pm Processes SMS messages.
PrepareReports Daily, 7pm-8:15pm Checks the scheduled reports database and determines which reports will be run by RunReports1 and in what order.
RebootPC2 Daily, 3:20am Reboots the server every 24 hours. On servers that are not allowed to reboot, instead use RestartDailySvc.
RestartDailySvc Daily, 3:20am Restarts the service daily for sites where the server cannot be rebooted.
RunReports1 Daily, 10:20pm-12am Runs the scheduled reports prepared by PrepareReports.