Primary Mental Health Care

Many Communicare health services are required to submit data relating to primary mental health contacts to the Government via the local Primary Health Network. Communicare has an optional dataset and reports suite to address both data collection and data upload.

Tip: To use the Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Dataset (PMHC MDS) in Communicare:
  • Request the PMHC MDS and reports from Communicare Support, who will add the required data collection items and reports.
  • Arrange for training. Primary mental health staff will need to be introduced to the concept of PMHC and be shown the relevant clinical items.

To collect the data required for reporting, mental health care providers need to identify the start of an episode, record all contacts relating to the episode and then record the end of the episode. For PMHC, an episode is a more or less continuous period of contact between a client and a PHN-commissioned provider organisation/clinician that starts at the point of first contact, and concludes at discharge.

For more information, see PMHC-MDS Data Specification.