Running and uploading PMHC reports

Run the PMHC reports to generate a file containing data from the PMHC clinical items, which you can then upload to the PMHC portal.

Use the following reports to generate Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for submission to the PHN:
  • Report > PMHC > CLIENTS
  • Report > PMHC > EPISODES
  • Report > PMHC > K5
  • Report > PMHC > K10P
  • Report > PMHC > METADATA
  • Report > PMHC > SDQ

For details of the program or the content of the items and for information relating to the upload, contact your local PHN.

Note: Some optional information is not captured, such as the year of birth of the provider. Communicare V15.0 has a K10 assessment item, but the K5 will appear in V15.1 and the SDQ at some later stage. If you already have a K5 or SDQ in Communicare, contact Communicare Support for advice on export codes required to ensure the reports find these items. Alternatively, if these assessments are done on paper, edit the Excel spreadsheets directly – you only need to enter the final score, not all the individual responses.

The PMHC portal accepts either an archive file containing CSV files or a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Tip: If your clients have a postcode starting with 0, such as 0872, use method 1. Microsoft Excel removes leading zeroes so is not a good option.
To extract the PMHC data from Communicare, use either method 1 or method:
  1. Method 1 - an archive file (.zip) containing comma separated value (.csv) files:
    1. For each report, run Report > PMHC > report_name and in the report, click Advanced icon Advanced.
    2. Once you see data on the screen, click Export data.
    3. Select all fields and click Next.
    4. Select ASCII and click Next.
    5. Remove the field delimiter (), select a folder and name the file after the report. Use lower case, for example, clients.csv.
    6. Click Next, then Export.
    7. Repeat steps 1a-f for each of the eight PMHC reports.

      Example set of PMHC CSV files in a zip
    8. When you have all the files, add them to a archive and name the file Remember this name, you will need it later.
  2. Method 2 - a Microsoft Excel file:
    1. For each report, run Report > PMHC > report_name and in the report, click Export iconExport.
    2. Save the resulting Excel spreadsheet with the name of the report.
    3. In Microsoft Excel, add each spreadsheet to a single spreadsheet:
      1. Open CLIENTS.xlsx and rename Sheet 1, CLIENTS.
      2. Delete the first row containing A, B, C, D, ....
      3. Select Data > Get Data > From File > From Workbook, select EPISODES.xslx and click Load.
      4. Rename the new sheet EPISODES.
      5. Repeat steps 2c,iii-iv for the other spreadsheets.
      6. Rename the composite file to PMHC_Month_YYYY.xlsx. Remember this name, you will need it later.

To upload the files to the PMHC portal, follow the instructions provided by PMHC.

Address any questions relating to accessing the PMHC portal and how to navigate the portal to your local Primary Health Network.

For questions about where the reports find the data they require, contact Communicare.