Action required banner

The following information is displayed at the top of all windows in a patient's clinical record:
  • Patient name
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Communicare's patient ID
  • Medical Record Number (where provided and configured)
  • Health Care Homes Status (where enabled)
  • Action required banner (also referred to as the patient banner):
    • Actions list
    • Clinical information

Action required banner

The action required banner comprises important clinical information and actions required. Click any link to go to the appropriate section in the clinical window.

Actions list

The left side of the banner contains links to the following information:
  • Verbal Orders - a count of active, unreviewed verbal orders. This link is visible only if the Medications Management module is enabled.
  • Documents - a count of unreviewed documents. This link is visible only if you belong to a user group with the Electronic Documents system right.
  • Immunisations - an exclamation mark (!) indicates that there are immunisations recorded for this patient.
  • Results - a count of unreviewed pathology and radiology results. Grey indicates that there are no unreviewed results. Click the link to go to the Detail > Ix Result tab which lists the unreviewed results. Double-click a result to review it. This link is visible only if you belong to a user group with the Investigations system right.
  • NCSR - a count indicates that alerts exist for this patient in the NCSR hub. Grey indicates no alerts exist, patient not found or Medicare provider number doesn't exist. For more information, see Patient banner.
The background of the link icons are colour-coded:
  • Action required iconRed - indicates that attention is required. For example, if there are unreviewed investigations for this patient.
  • No action required iconGrey - indicates that no action is required. For example, the documents link is grey when there are no unreviewed documents in the system for this patient.
  • Information available iconGrey with icon - indicates that no action is required but information is available. Hover over the icon to display further information. For example, this patient has immunisations listed in Communicare.

Clinical information

The right section of the banner displays important clinical information:
  • Example pregnancy in the action bannerPregnancy - if a patient is pregnant and the pregnancy has been recorded on the Obstetrics tab, the pregnancy panel is displayed with a yellow background. The panel shows the gestation of the pregnancy. Click to go to the Current Pregnancy tab and view the obstetrics summary. For more information about the gestation displayed, see Gestation calculation.
  • Example medical alert in the action bannerMedical alerts - a panel indicating any medical alerts that apply to the patient. If present, click to go to the Alerts and Other Information pane on the Main Summary. Otherwise, No Medical Alerts is displayed.
  • Adverse reactions - a panel listing as many allergies and adverse reactions as possible. Click to go to the Adverse Reaction Summary pane on the Main Summary. The adverse reactions panel is displayed in one of the following ways:
    • No adverse reaction recorded - no allergies or adverse reactions have been recorded for this patient. You will be prompted to record adverse reactions when prescribing.
    • No known adverse reactions - a clinician has determined that this patient does not have any allergies or had any adverse reactions and has set Nil Known in the Adverse Reaction Summary.
    • Recorded allergy or adverse reaction - allergies or adverse reactions are included in this patient's clinical record.