Birth Notification Details

When Communicare receives a birth notification, it attempts to automatically match the mother and child patient records. If the automatic matching wasn't successful or was incorrect, you can manually match the mother or child.

Note: This module is available only to the Western Australian Country Health Service in Communicare V18.4 and later.
The following birth notification statuses can be selected:
  • New - a new birth notification
  • Pending Contact - waiting for communication to the carer of the baby
  • Contact Complete - contact has been completed
  • Service Complete - service completed as a result of the notification
  • Duplicate - a duplicate birth notification that does not need to be actioned

In addition to setting the birth notification status, the notification can be assigned to a specific encounter place to indicate where it should be actioned.

To match a mother or child manually:
  1. Select Births.
  2. In the Manage Birth Notifications window, click Match Patient.

Once a patient is matched to a birth notification, the birth notification will appear in the patient's clinical record.

After both mother and child are matched, the birth notification can be marked as reviewed. After the birth notification has been marked as reviewed, the matched mother and child cannot be changed. Reviewing a birth notification works in the same manner as other documents. For more information, seeReviewing Documents.

When the child status is live born, both the mother and the child records must be matched before you can mark it as reviewed. In the event of a stillborn child, the Reviewed check box is enabled once the mother has been matched.

Correcting mismatched patient records

Sometimes a mother or child is matched incorrectly.
To correct mismatched births:
  1. On the patient card, click the ellipsis button (...).
  2. Select either of the following options:
    • To clear the matched patient, click Unmatch Patient
    • To match to a different patient, click Match Patient