My Health Record Prescription and Dispense View

The My Health Record Prescription and Dispense View is opened as a CDA document in the My Health Record Document Viewing window. Documents loaded to eRx with consent to be sent to the My Health Record are presented as CDA documents.

The document view displays a summary of both prescribed and dispensed items with links to more information. Click an individual prescription or dispense event item to display further drug information. Click this information to display the full eHealth Prescription Record.

You can customise the information displayed in this window:
  • Set the date range for which you'd like medicines displayed. Medicines prescribed on or after the From Date to the To Date are listed. The From Date defaults to either 60 days previously or the interval in days used the last time the view was used. The To Date defaults to today.
  • For records with multiple medications, select an option from the Group By list to group the medications according to your preference:
    • Prescription - default view
    • Generic Name
    • PBS Item Code
    • Brand Name

If you change the date range, click Refresh to download the CDA from My Health Record again.

Print this document if required

Stopped medications

If a medication that has been sent to My Health Record is stopped, cancelled or deleted, the medication is listed as cancelled in the Prescription and Dispense View view.