Services Australia

Communicare interacts with Services Australia web services.

The following functions interact with Services Australia:
  • Online Patient Verification (OPV) - used for Medicare validation
  • Enterprise Patient Verification (EPV) - used for Medicare validation
  • Bulk-bill claiming - used for Medicare claims
  • Australia Immunisation Register (AIR) - used to access the Australian Immunisation Register
  • Interactive Patient Claiming (IPC) - used for Medicare claims

Data privacy and security

In Communicare V21.3 and later, to support Services Australia interactions, your patients' relevant personal information is encrypted and sent from your Communicare server to Services Australia web services via Communicare Next Generation. The data is retained by Communicare Next Generation. Communicare Next Generation is hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud services, in highly secure data centres based in Australia (Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne) which meet the Australian Standards for Information Security. Microsoft has been awarded Certification for Protected data in Australia. For more information about how Telstra Health manages personal information, see our privacy policy.