Enterprise Patient Verification

Enterprise Patient Verification (EPV) validates the Medicare card details automatically for all patients in the database that haven't been checked recently in one submission to Services Australia.

Any Medicare card that has not been validated with Services Australia in the last 30 days that first passes Medicare card number validation is checked with Services Australia.

EPV is run by the CCareQueue_ServicesAustralia service. You can configure when and how often EPV is run.

When EPV validates the Medicare card details, it may automatically update any of the following details in Communicare:
  • Medicare number
  • Medicare reference number
  • Patient name
    A patient can have multiple names or aliases. Only the name set for Medicare use in Patient Biographics is validated. If a different name is returned, the following rules are applied to determine which name is automatically set for Medicare use:
    • If the name returned from Medicare is different to that sent, and the name exists in the patient record, this name is set for Medicare use.
    • If the name returned from Medicare has no existing, exact match, and there is more than one name that contains the returned name, the name that is listed first alphabetically is set for Medicare use.
    • If there is no existing match, a new patient alias is created and set for Medicare use.
    For example, if Martin Brown is sent for validation and Medicare returns Evan Brown for this patient, Medicare is set to Martin D Evan Brown, an existing alias that contains Evan and is the first alias alphabetically.
    Example Medicare setting in Patient Biographics
    Tip: The Preferred name, HI name and Nyaparu or equivalent name set are not affected.