Enable NCSR

Before you can access the NCSR from Communicare, the integration must be enabled.

Your practice must be registered with the NCSR before you can enable National Cancer Screening Register functionality. Before you can register your practice, you must have the following information set up:

  • A Responsible Officer with an individual PRODA account
  • Your organisation must have an Healthcare Provider Identifier–Organisation (HPI-O) number - this must be the HPI-O that has been used to register for the organisation's National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) certificate
  • The Responsible Officer has registered the organisation in PRODA
  • The Responsible Officer has linked the NCSR as a Service Provider to the organisation in PRODA

For more information, see NCSR Registration Guide.

To enable the NCSR integration in Communicare, as an administrator:
  1. Add your organisation's NCSR NASH certificate to Communicare in File > Reference Tables > Certificates.
  2. Enable the module:
    1. Select File > System Parameters.
    2. On the System tab, in the module list, set NCSR Integration.
    3. On the Web Services tab, in the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR) pane:
      • In the URL field, enter the URL of the NCSR API
      • From the Certificate list, select your organisation's NCSR NASH certificate
    4. Click Save iconSave and enter the authority code provided by Communicare Support.
  3. If you want to allow nurses and medical practice or lab staff to access the NCSR as delegates of a healthcare provider with a Medicare provider number, in File > Reference Tables > Encounter Place, select the provider from the Default NCSR Provider list.
  4. Set the system rights for the user groups you want to be able to access the NCSR:
    1. In Communicare, select File > User Groups.
    2. In the User Group Maintenance window, select the user group in the User Group Name list to which you want to grant access to the NCSR. For example, Doctors.
    3. On the System Rights tab, set NCSR Integration.
    4. Click Save.
When Communicare is next started, for users who belong to a group that has the NCSR system right enabled, NCSR alerts are displayed in the banner of a patient's clinical record if that patient is matched to the NCSR database. Users can also link to the NCSR Hub from the patient record.