Administer and Supply Medication

In Communicare V20.1 and later, the separate Supply and Administer functions are merged into a single Administer and Supply function. Use Administer and Supply to record the administration or supply of a medication, or both administration and supply of a medication during the current service.

You can also use Administer and Supply to record the supply of patient-specific inventory. For more information, see Supply Medication Requests.

To access this functionality, the Medications Management module must be enabled for your organisation in the System Parameters window.

To administer and supply medication, you must belong to a user group with the following system rights:
  • Medications Administer
  • Medications Supply
  • Medication View

You can administer and supply regular and once-off medications for which a Medication Order has been charted, either by you or by other service providers. You can then edit any administer record that you have created within the last 24 hours.

Tip: If your health service uses medication requests, you can also supply patient-specific inventory supplied by an external pharmacy to a patient. For more information, see Supply Medication Requests.
Note: You cannot administer or supply medication added to a patient's clinical record using Medication History. Instead, chart new Medication Orders for these medications. Administer and Supply also cannot be used from the Communicare Offline Client, or if the patient is deceased.