Decision Support

Communicare provides prescribing decision support based on MIMS drug databases and clinical items with a valid ICPC-2 PLUS code.

Communicare includes the following prescribing decision support:
  • Drug interactions
  • Pregnancy interactions
  • Condition interactions - not available by default. If your health service would like to implement this feature, contact Communicare Support.
Note: Interaction warnings are displayed regardless of the user's program rights, viewing rights or system rights.
Important: This is a decision support tool only and is not a substitute for good clinical decisions or practise. You should always verify and confirm the accuracy of any life-threatening information and critically important results.
Table 1. Decision support
Support type Description MIMS database used Communicare version
Drug Checks for interactions between the active ingredients in medications. DrugAlert V19.1 and later
  • Drug to pregnancy interactions - checks an individual new medication for any pregnancy interactions.
  • Pregnancy to drug interactions - when you add a new pregnancy, checks the patient's active medications for interactions with a pregnancy.
  • V20.1 and later
  • V20.2 and later
  • Drug to condition interactions - checks for any interactions against a patient's conditions when you add a new medication.
  • Condition to drug interactions - checks for any interactions between that condition and the patient's active medication list when you add a condition.
HealthAlert V20.2 and later