Health Centre Prescription

A Health Centre Prescription (HCP) is created when a prescriber selects the button.

All regular medications are repeated for the date range specified in the HCP Expiry Date Selection window which is presented after clicking this button. If there is no 'days supply' entered or the value is 0 then the medication is repeated for the next 365 days by default (unless the system-wide option to force this is enabled).

When a site has Rural Prescribing enabled, adding a regular medication will cause that medication to be prescribed but not printed. When all regular medications have been reviewed and all changes prescribed, the generation of the HCP will immediately re-prescribe each regular medication, deleting any scripts for the same medication added within this service and stopping any medications previously prescribed as regular medications which are still current. The reason for stopping message will indicate that the medication was re-prescribed with a comment 'HCP replaced by HCP NN' where NN is the script number.

When a prescriber has a Prescriber Number and is adding a medication it will default to regular unless the system-wide option to force this decision is enabled.

On closing the clinical record a check is made to see if a regular medication has changed since the last HCP generation and the user will get a prompt suggesting a regeneration of the HCP.

A once-off/short course medication can be prescribed and printed normally if required.

To reprint a Health Centre Prescription, click .

To print a Medication Summary, click .

Comments (by the prescriber) for the prescription(s) can be added in the Prescriber Comments section on the Medication Summary Tab. These comments will be saved to the patient record. The comments will be printed on the Health Centre Prescription and the Medication Summary.

On generating the Health Centre Prescription the OTC , Prescribed Elsewhere and Verbal Order medications will be repeated as normal prescriptions if they are flagged as regular medications.

No HCP options are available for deceased patients.