HCID Import Wizard

Use the HCID Import wizard to import and update multiple HCIDs using a file provided by MeHR.

HCID Import

To access the wizard, select Tools > HCID Import. This option is only available when the MeHR module has been enabled in the system.

CSV File

The wizard will prompt you to select a CSV (comma separated values) file. This file should contain the following values separated by commas (single line per patient):
where the birth date is formatted DD/MM/YYYY.
For example:

Validation and Errors

The Date of Birth and Patient ID will be validated before the HCID is updated - the Patient ID and birth date must match what is currently in the system.

On completion, any records rejected or that failed to update will be shown and saved to a log file. The log file is called HCID_import.log and is located in the Communicare program directory.