MeHR Current Health Profile

In the Current Health Profile window, select the patient encounters and clinical items to send to MeHR.

To display the Current Health Profile window, in the patient clinical record, click Blue Envelope View and/or amend Current Health Profile.

Viewing the CHP

If the user ticks a patient encounter that was previously unticked then a medical event summary (MES) is sent to the Secure Electronic Health Record repository for the newly ticked patient encounter.

If the user unticks a patient encounter that was previously ticked and has been sent to the MeHR repository then a Deactivate Medical Event Summary message is sent to the MeHR repository.

Current Health Profile Data

The MeHR Current Health Profile contains the following information.
Table 1. MeHR Current Health Profile
MeHR Data Communicare Data
Adverse Reactions Drug & Non-Drug. All adverse reactions. Always sent in CHP.
Alerts Whatever is contained in the Alerts and Other Important Information field. Always sent in CHP.
Risk Factors All of the Patients Risk Factors. Always sent in CHP.
Conditions All condition class clinical items displayed in the Clinical Items Summary
Current Medications All records displayed in the Medication Summary
Immunisations Given All immunisations recorded
History of Disease All history class clinical items recorded
Presenting Reason 20 most recent clinical records marked as Reason of Encounter
Procedures 20 most recent procedures recorded
Observations 3 most recent qualifiers of each type
Progress Notes 20 most recent progress notes
Note: Information that can not be displayed due to a user's security restrictions is not included in the Current Health Profile.

Sending the patient encounter to MeHR

The CHP is also sent to MeHR repository along with a medical event summary (MES) every time a patient encounter is completed or paused and the user has chosen to send the patient encounter to the MeHR repository.