MIMS Database Import

If your site uses the Prescribing Full or Prescribing Once off/short course module, Adverse Reactions or browsing MIMS drug database, update MIMs monthly.

Before following these steps, delete any old MIMS files. Delete any file called drugdata.exe and any folder called Drugdata.

MIMS Pharamaceutical Data may be imported into Communicare from a file downloaded from the Communicare website. The import includes the following MIMS datasets:
  • Abbrev
  • AllergyAlert
  • CMI
  • DrugAlert
  • Full
  • HealthAlert
  • Images
  • Interact
  • LinkAMT
  • Tables
To update MIMS:
  1. Download the most recent drug data file from https://portal.healthconnex.com.au/.
    1. Log on to https://portal.healthconnex.com.au/ with your username and password (register online if you do not have these).
    2. From the Upgrade and Release Details pane, click Download MIMS.
    3. Accept the conditions and click Download.
    4. When the archive file has successfully downloaded it automatically runs and prompts you for a location to which it should be extracted. Extract the drug data to the workstation on which Communicare is installed.
  2. Import the drug data.
    1. Select File > Reference Tables > Import MIMS Pharmaceutical Data.
    2. In the Import MIMS window, follow the instructions to import the drug data. The process can take up to half an hour depending on your network. Please do not use your computer for other tasks until the import is complete.
The MIMS data is updated.

If you are unsure about any of the above steps, contact Communicare Support. See Also MIMS Pharmaceutical Database