Text Shortcuts

You can add to or modify the text shortcuts available in Communicare.

Only users belonging to a user group with the Reference Tables System Access Right have access to maintain the list of text shortcuts.

Text Shortcuts Maintenance

From the main menu, select File > Reference Tables > Text Shortcuts.

The grid lists the shortcuts available on your system and the expanded text for the selected item below the grid. The text shortcut may begin with a "." character (recommended) or other identifier, such as "/" or ",". This is only to avoid unintentional usage when typing progress notes and letter items. Don't place text that is a shortcut identifier, such as '.hx', into the expanded text.

Valid Shortcuts

When adding or modifying an item, you must enter a valid shortcut that meets the following conditions:
  • Up to 9 characters in length
  • Contains no spaces
  • Is not blank
  • Is unique