My Electronic Health Record Service (MeHR) allows Communicare users to submit details of a patient's health record and consultations to a central repository. Registered users also have access to this repository.


The Admin screen shows the MeHR administration functions. To display the Admin window, select File > MeHR Administration

Bulk Update - this function updates the MeHR repository with the home health centre of all patients who have a MeHR ID and whose patient status is 'Current Patient'.

Only click Send Patient Details when instructed to do so by MeHR. The My Electronic Health Record Help Desk phone number is 1800 247 430.

My Electronic Health Record Printable Forms

  • Help > Forms > MeHR > MeHR Health Professional Access - print a blank form for access to the My Electronic Health Record, complete and return to MeHR.
  • Help > Forms > MeHR > MeHR Consumer Registration - print a blank form to register your patient for the My Electronic Health Record or to re-register as an adult (over 16 years old) for the Shared Electronic Health Record. Remember to also print off the MeHR Better Healthcare Information Sheet and give to all patients who register (see below).
  • Help > Forms > MeHR > MeHR Better Healthcare Information Sheet - print this information sheet and give to your patients when they register for the My Electronic Health Record. This is to inform them of what they are signing up for, what rights they have and what actions they can take if they are concerned or unhappy with the My Electronic Health Record.

Security Note

MeHR's security model does not support Communicare's Viewing Rights. Granting access to MeHR to users with limited Viewing Rights may result in those users seeing restricted information in the MeHR. Furthermore, CHP's generated by users with limited Viewing Rights may result in restricted information being inadvertently posted to the MeHR. Communicare recommends that users who access the MeHR should have full Viewing Rights.