WACHS Features

This topic provides help for WACHS-related features.

These features are available only when the WACHS Features module is enabled. Contact Communicare Support to enable the WACHS Features module.

PAS Alerts

The alerts received from PAS through the EMPI integration are displayed as read-only text in the Main Summary of the clinical record.

Service Record & Billing

Both Medicare and Private claims are disabled when the WACHS Features module is enabled: you can't create and submit Medicare or Private claims and claim buttons and Invoice-related fields are disabled. However, you can select MBS items in the Service Record window and the Details tab.

On the Details tab of the Service Record window, use the Indirect column to record any indirect time (in minutes) for the service by the provider.

On the WACHS tab of the Service Record window record WACHS-specific information about the service in the following fields:
  • Service Delivery Mode (mandatory)
  • Clinic Category (mandatory)
  • Outcome (mandatory)
  • NDMS Code (mandatory)
  • Tier 2 Code (mandatory)
  • Service Type (mandatory)
  • Claim Type
  • NDIS Service
  • Direct Units
  • Indirect Units
  • Employee Status (mandatory)
  • Care Type (mandatory)
  • Payment Class
  • Main Reason for Visit (mandatory)
  • Other Reason for Visit 1
  • Other Reason for Visit 2
  • Other Reason for Visit 3
  • Discharge Status
  • Closing Comments

Clinical Record

When you add an item to a patient's Medication History, the Confirm Medication window is not displayed. Ensure that you check previously prescribed medications with all allergy and adverse drug reaction information.

Adverse Reaction Assessment Status

From the Main Summary of the clinical record, select the Assessment Status manually for Adverse Reactions from the following options:
  • <blank> - Selected by default
  • None Known
  • Known
  • Unable to assess
  • Unknown

Note: If Nil Known is selected, then None Know is automatically selected.

Patient Biographics

The following fields are required:
  • Medicare Reference number
  • Marital Status
  • Country of Birth
  • Residential Status
  • Interpreter Required

Patient Kin

On the Social tab of the patient's biographic window, when you add a patient's kin, the following new fields are available:
  • Title - kin title (mandatory)
  • Family name - kin family name (mandatory)
  • Given name - kin given name (mandatory)
  • Relationship - kin relationship to the patient (mandatory)
  • Address - address of the patient kin
  • Home Phone - kin home phone number
  • Business Phone - kin business phone number
  • Mobile - kin mobile phone number
  • Email - kin email address
  • Contact Role - kin role
  • Inactive - determines whether the kin is active or not
  • Inactive date - If the kin is inactive then you can enter the inactive date
  • Preferred Phone - preferred phone option.

The Contact Role must be unique across all Kin for the current Patient, except for a Contact Role of "Other".

Patient Unmerge

The Communicare Patient Unmerge functionality is to undo two incorrectly merged patient records. To access the Patient Unmerge functionality, the Patient Deletion system right is required.

Please review the patient record you select thoroughly before proceeding with unmerge.

Tip: Print a patient summary to use as a reference for comparison following the unmerge.

Unmerge will only proceed if no changes subsequent to the incorrect merge are identified in the merged patient record. A change for the purposes of unmerge is regarded as any information recorded during a patient encounter or service or a change made to an incoming referral or appointment or patient document.

Any other changes made to the patient record, for example changes to biographic information, are ignored and the unmerge process proceeds. Ensure you take account of this type of information prior to the unmerge and decide what actions to take after the unmerge.

If the unmerge does proceed, the merged patient record is unmerged to two separate patient records.

If the unmerge process fails, contact Communicare who will investigate the complexity surrounding the unmerging of two patient records with you on a case by case basis. Possible options, if any, can then be discussed. If there are any possible changes that can be made to enable unmerging of the patient records, Communicare will require you to submit an authorised change request.

On unmerge, the details for the following fields will be restored to what they were prior to the merge that had been incorrectly undertaken.

Note: Review all patient data in the resulting patient records to ensure that the data are correct.
Patient Biographics, including:
  • Sex
  • Skin
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Patient death details
  • Medicare details
  • Birth Weight
  • Forenames
  • Surnames
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Work Phone
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email
  • Has No Phone Checkbox
  • Aboriginality
  • Kin Type and Name
  • Nyaparu
  • Special Check Box
  • Special Lookup
  • MRN
  • Popup Alert - retains both
  • Admin Notes - retains both
  • Safety Net details
  • DVA details
  • Patient current status
  • Emergency contact details
  • IHI - including IHI history
  • Birth indicator
  • Patient Recalls - during unmerge, all recalls (including the deleted ones), are restored and assigned to their source and destination records respectively. NOTE: any duplicate automated recalls that existed prior to the merge will leave a duplicate in the destination patient record on unmerge which needs to be manually removed. For example, if both patients who were merged had an automated recall for an 8 week Child Health Check Up, on unmerge the source record will have the same recall but the destination one will have two recalls for an 8 week Child Health Check Up.
  • Pregnancy
  • Conditions / Diagnosis
  • Transport
  • Patient Organisation Consent
  • Documents
  • Patient Encounter
  • Investigation Request and Results
  • Patient Measurements
  • Incoming Referrals
  • Patient Kin
  • Patient Address
  • Patient Death Cause Factor
  • Private Billing Account Holder
  • Patient Claim
  • Patient Medication: all medication records that belong to the source patient are reallocated back to the source patient. If a regular medication expired since the incorrect merge it will appear as expired following the unmerge. Information about once-off medications that expired between the merge and unmerge will be available only on the Details tab.
  • Patient Alias
  • Patient File Number
  • Patient Prescription
  • Patient Invoice