Key Performance Indicators

Health service management personnel can collate, analyse and report on National Key Performance Indicators and state-based Key Performance Indicators using Communicare.

Note: You can make National Key Performance Indicator (nKPI), Online Services Reports (OSR) and Health Care Provider (HCP) submissions from Communicare, using the Government Reporting Tool.
Data can also be reviewed at any time using the following Communicare report suites:
  • Report > nKPI
  • Report > OSR
  • Report > Health Care Providers
For state-based reports:
  • In New South Wales, run the reports in Report > NSW KPI. For more information, see NSW KPIs.
  • In the Northern Territory, run the reports in Report > NT KPI. For more information, see NT KPIs.

Data requirements

To use Communicare for reporting on Key Performance Indicators, the following data requirements must be met:
  • Conditions are coded using the central ICPC2-Plus dataset
  • Prescriptions are recorded using the prescribing module which relies on the MIMS Pharmaceutical database
  • Medicare claims are bulk-billed and use the Communicare electronic claims module
  • Pathology results are delivered electronically using HL7 results with appropriate coding returned by the lab
  • Common qualifiers that may be recorded as point of care testing or transcribed results, for example, from a hospital discharge document, use the central qualifiers. If your health service departs from the central dataset (for example, to record an ACR or GFR) it is your responsibility to transcribe the associated system code or export code if the concept remains the same. For reference qualifiers, such as smoking status, attention must be made to each reference’s system and export code.
  • For state-based reporting, the health service is already configured for National KPI reporting and needs only to consider state indicators that have no nKPI equivalent. Wherever possible, given the definitions, data collection requirements are common across the KPI reports.