SMS reminder templates

Use SMS appointment reminder templates to compose and schedule the SMS messages that are sent to individual patients automatically, depending on appointments and other filters.

To use SMS reminder templates, the Communications module must be enabled and you must belong to a user group with the SMS Messaging system right.

To display the SMS Appointment Reminder window, select Tools > Manage SMS Appointment Reminders.
Example SMS Appointment Reminder summary window

The SMS Appointment Reminder window lists all SMS reminder runs that have been scheduled for your health service. The time at which the reminder is scheduled to run is also listed.

Tip: Before you create new templates, plan your templates to reduce the number of duplicate SMS messages sent to individual patients.

To search for a particular template, in the Search iconSearch field, enter a word or phrase that appears in the template name.

To set up a new SMS reminder template, in the SMS Appointment Reminder window, click Add iconNew Template. For more information, see Create SMS template.

To delete an SMS template that is no longer required:
  1. In the Action column of the required template, click Delete iconDelete template.
  2. In the confirmation window, click Yes.