Clinical Item Keywords

Clinical Item Keywords are words that can be used to locate clinical item types. For example, the words 'Glue', 'Otitis', 'Media' and 'OM' could all be keywords for the term 'Glue ear'. This enables the clinical term to be found easily without knowing the exact wording.

To work with keywords for a Clinical Item Type:
  1. To display the Keyword Maintenance window, select File > Reference Tables > Clinical Item Keywords.
  2. In the 'Locate' field, enter the keyword you want to work with.

Use the top grid to select the keyword that you want to work with. You can also add, delete or change keywords.

The bottom grid displays all clinical item types that use the keyword selected in the top grid. Use the bottom grid to add clinical item types to a keyword or remove them from a keyword. Linked Qualifiers item are disabled rather than deleted.

Special keywords

All keywords starting with the dollar ($) sign, except recall keywords ) are added to the bottom of the Clinical Record as Clinical Item categories. You can define any number of Clinical Item categories, however, you should restrict the number of buttons to those that will fit into a single row of buttons on the smallest screen resolution used by any user. This should ideally be about 8-12 buttons.

Recall keywords

The keyword $Recall adds the item to which it is attached to the Recall button of the Clinical Record. The item is treated as a manual recall.

The keyword $IxRecall adds the item to which it is attached to the Add Recall button of the Match and Review Result window.

Colour Coding

  • Black - ICPC-2 PLUS terms
  • Blue - other items distributed by Communicare
  • Purple - local terms