Secure Messaging

Secure Message Delivery (SMD) is the government standard for sending medical documents and messages securely and safely.

Only certain sites can send and receive documents using Secure Messaging. These are available from the Enterprise Provider Directory (EPD).

Communicare integrates with a third party application called Argus to send documents and messages.

To enable Secure Messaging you will need:
  • A local installation of the Argus application, version 6.0.15 or higher
  • Configuration of the local Argus and Communicare applications, see System Parameters - Secure Messaging
  • A valid security certificate for your Site/HPIO
  • An address entry for your site in the National Health Services Directory
  • Access to the EPD setup in Communicare, see System Parameters - Web Services

If you want to enable Secure Messaging functionality in Communicare, contact Communicare Support for further information.

Sending a document

A document can be sent to only one recipient. After it has been sent, the document, recipient, sender and patient details cannot be changed, however, the document can be sent again.

Resending a document

While sending a document, if some error occurs, either on the Communicare side or Argus end, click Resend to try to send the document again.