System Parameters - System

Set the modules included in your Communicare and other system settings on the System tab.

The following system parameters are available on the System tab.

Table 1. System tab parameters
Parameter Description
Module Name

Set a module to enable it for your organisation. Modules are major components of Communicare. Most enabled modules are only accessible by users if they belong to a user group with the necessary system rights. However, Transport Management, EPD Address Book Integration and Online Appointment Booking are accessible by all users when enabled.


Some modules are dependent on other modules. For example, Medications Management can be enabled only if Prescribing is enabled.

You cannot enable some modules without an authorisation code. Contact Communicare Support for the code.

Startup Settings
  • Version warning - set to add a warning for all users when they log in if the software is more than 12 months old.
  • Offline - Enable Discard Data - set to enable data synchronisation clients to discard their changes when synchronising data. If this option is not set, Discard Data is not available for data sync clients.
Patient information
  • Select all Event Summary clinical data items by default - set to select all clinical data items by default when the Event Summary is generated for the MEHR and My Health Record for the first time in the service.
  • Patient automatic search - set to enable search results to be automatically displayed when users type details in patient search fields.
  • Patient phonetic search - set to enable Communicare to attempt to match search terms based on pronunciation.
Error Logging Whenever an error occurs, details about the problem are automatically collected and stored securely on the appliance server. No patient data is collected, only usernames, the computer name, and various details about the environment and network. This information allows the Communicare Technical and Development teams to find solutions to problems faster. At regular intervals, these error logs are bundled together and sent to Communicare Support to assist in diagnosing and resolving active problems.
  • Send Error Logs - set to enable Communicare to send error logs and CCDailySvc execution logs to the recipients listed in E-mail recipient(s). If the Communicare administrator does not want this data to be sent to Communicare, deselect this option. However, Communicare strongly recommends that this option is left enabled because the logs can be invaluable in resolving active problems quickly.
  • E-mail recipient(s) - list the addresses that the logs will be sent to when Send Error Logs is set. Addresses can be separated by a comma, semi-colon or new-line.
Datasets Lists the datasets that have been imported using the CENTRAL update program. Select the datasets that your organisation requires. If you make changes, run the CENTRAL update program to apply the changes