Address Book Search

The Address Book search form is displayed when it is necessary to identify an addressee in Communicare.

The search form will 'remember' your previous search, both during your current Communicare session and between Communicare sessions.

Search Conditions

  • Name - This will search on the Name and Organisations columns.
  • Provider Number - Searches on provider number. There is no column for the provider number, it is displayed in the box at the bottom.
  • Speciality - Search on the Speciality column.
  • Department - Search on the Department column.
  • Locality - Search on the Locality column.


  • Search automatically - Search as you type. No need to press the 'Search Now' button.
  • Phonetic search - If this is selected, then values entered in the Name field will be used phonetically so that for instance 'Roger' or 'Rgr' will find 'Roger', 'Rugr' etc.

To clear all search criteria, press the 'New Search' button.

Enterprise Provider Directory (EPD) Integration

It is possible to search the EPD for an address book entry. Select the 'Search EPD radio button. This will show more fields which you can use to search for particular entries in the EPD, and the 'Search EPD button will be enabled. Once you have entered your search criteria, clicking the 'Search EPD' button will start searching the EPD. Once a set of results has been found, a form will appear to allow you to review and select the appropriate result. Once selected, the 'Address Book Entry' window will appear showing you the details downloaded from the EPD, allowing you to add any extra information. Once saved, this record will be synchronised with the EPD daily.

Secure Messaging Enabled Addresses

The address list uses the Contact card security icon Contact card security icon to indicate addresses that are capable of receiving Secure Messages. Secure Messaging is only available for addresses with this icon. When one of these addresses is selected as the recipient of a document, the 'Send Secure' button will be available and you will be able to send the document electronically. Please note you will need your Communicare installation to be set-up for Secure Messaging to do this - see Secure Messaging page for more details.