You can attach clinical and related documents sourced from email or elsewhere to a patient's clinical record as PDF documents.

You can then view these documents in Communicare alongside the patient's data.

A valid attachment is a document that meets the following criteria:
  • It is a PDF document with the extension .pdf. If the document is not a PDF, it must be converted to PDF first before it can be attached. Talk to your administrator about the best way to do this.
  • It is less than or equal to the size limit for documents, the default is 512KB. Documents larger than this cannot be stored in the database.

Adding a document

To add a document:
  1. Either:
    • On the clinical record, drag and drop the document or click Attachment button Attachment on the clinical record toolbar.
      You cannot drag and drop folders or multiple files. Drag and drop also doesn't work in the following circumstances:
      • When dragging from a local desktop to a remote desktop session.
      • When dragging from a local desktop to Communicare published as an application via Citrix.
      • When dragging an attachment within an email application (such as Microsoft Outlook) to Communicare.
    • In Documents and Results > Scanned Documents and Attachments tab, click Attachment buttonAttachment and select the document you want to attach.
  2. In the PDF Viewer, you can review the document, select the document date, add an appropriate comment, and also choose the viewing right and topic. The comment will default to the file name (without the path or extension), but can be edited.

    The date will default to the time the attachment was last modified and cannot be set to a future date or no date.

  3. Click Save iconSave.

Once attached, the document cannot be changed.

Tip: Take care not to save the same attachment to a patient's record multiple times.

Opening a document

Attached documents are listed on the Detail tab of the clinical record, prefixed with Attachment and are also displayed on the progress notes. For example:Example attachment in progress notes

If the document is unreviewed, it is also added to the count of unreviewed documents in the banner.

To open the document, click Documents in the banner or double-click the item in the progress notes or on the Detail tab.

You can edit the comment, viewing right and topic if required.