Read-only documents

Read-only documents in Communicare cannot be modified under any circumstances.

Any of the following conditions will make a document read-only:
  • The document is not outgoing, that is, it is incoming, or hasn't been created by your organisation)
  • The document is a Care Plan, Care Plan Template or Attachment
  • The document has been sent or is being sent
  • The document has been saved for more than eight hours
  • All Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) documents become read-only as soon as they have been saved.

Editing read-only documents

You cannot modify a document once it has become read-only, although the details section may be changed or updated. However, if the document was not an incoming document, attachment or CDA document, you can create a copy of the document and edit that. To create a copy:
  1. Open the Clinical Record for the patient.
  2. On the Detail tab, locate the document you want to edit and double-click the document.
  3. Click Create New to open a new document that is identical to the original document, and can now be edited.

The new document will be linked to the current service, and the old document will remain unchanged.