Main Toolbar

When you first open Communicare, you see the main toolbar and menu from which you access the different features in Communicare.

Example main Communicare toolbar
Tip: Click a button to access that feature.

At the top of the Communicare toolbar window, the current user is displayed, below which is the menu bar. The menu bar largely duplicates functions performed by buttons. However, it also contains some infrequently used functions and functions that should be used with care, such as the capability to record the death of a patient.

Below the menu bar are the main Communicare toolbar buttons. The majority of Communicare's actions are performed using these buttons.

Note: Some of these buttons will not be visible because of customisations made to your System Parameters.
Table 1. Main toolbar buttons
Button Description Module
Biographics iconPatient Biographics Add patient records or view or amend patient details Biographics
Appointments Book iconAppointments Book Open the Appointments booking window. Appointments
Service Recording iconService Recording Record or display information about consultations and other services. Service Recording
Data Entry Wizard iconData Entry Wizard Use the Data Entry Wizard to add clinical items for multiple patients. Data Entry Wizard
Clinical Record iconClinical Record Open a patient's Clinical Record. Clinical Records
Browse MIMS Drug Data iconBrowse MIMS Drug Data Browse the MIMS Pharmaceutical Database. Clinical Records
Patient Summary iconPatient Summary Print a Patient Summary for the current patient. Report Administration
Patient Labels iconPatient Labels Print Patient Labels for the current patient. Especially formatted for letters, notes and sample bottles. Report Administration
Documents and Results Open Documents and Results to review electronic results and documents.


Electronic Documents

Document Scanning

Transport Management Open the Transport Services or Transport Management module, depending on which is enabled

Transport Management

Transport Services