Organisation Parameters - Medicare Claims

Use the Medicare Claims tab to configure Medicare bulk billing, printing and batch claim parameters.

Table 1. Medicare Claims Organisation Parameters
Parameter Description
Type of Medicare Assignment Form
Select whether the Medicare Assignment Form will be printed on preprinted, tractor-fed forms or on plain paper.
Tip: Plain paper (online claiming) can only be printed when using the Electronic Claims module.
Assignment Form Copies

If you selected Plain paper (manual claiming), set which copies of the Assignment Form are printed. If you don't set either option, only the Medicare copy is printed.

If you selected Plain paper (online claiming), you don't print a copy for Medicare Australia so you need at most two copies. Communicare will always print the Practice copy, set Print Patient Copy if you also want to print the patient copy.

Batch Claims

If your organisation wants to group multiple Medicare claims or AIR uploads into a single submission, set Enable Batch Claims.

Each item in a batch is assigned the same claim ID.

Incentive Items

If your practice is in a rural or remote location, and a patient is under 16 or has a CentreLink or Health Care Card, your health service may be eligible to claim additional bulk billing incentives.

To have Communicare automatically prompt you to include additional MBS incentive items for eligible patients when completing a service, add values to all three of the Incentive Items fields for the same item type:
  • Medical - for example, for MM 6 75857
  • Radiology - for example, for MM 6 64994
  • Pathology - for example, for MM 6 75863

Leave all fields blank if you don't want to be prompted to include additional MBS incentive items.

If your health service doesn't use and can't claim one of the three categories, for example, Radiology, enter 0 for that category.

Note: Values for MBS incentive items can also be added for particular encounter places. Values added for MBS incentive items for the encounter place override values specified for the organisation.
Tip: To find the incentive items you need, find your location using the Modified Monash Model and match your location to the code. For example, at 1 January 2022:
Example MBS incentives for MM locations - current at 1 January 2022
For more information, see Services Australia - Rural bulk billing incentives changes.