Version 14.0

Release notes for V14.0.

Smoking Status

The central qualifier of Smoking status has been modified to distinguish between smokers who quit less than 12 months before being challenged and those who quit more than 12 months ago. To facilitate this, and to clarify data entry, the options are now this:
  • Current smoker – intends to quit later previously 'Smoker - intends to quit later'
  • Current smoker - no intention to quit previously 'Smoker - no intention to quit'
  • Current smoker – wants to quit now previously 'Smoker - wants to quit now'
  • Ex-smoker quit 12 months or more ago *new
  • Ex-smoker quit less than 12 months ago *new
  • Non-smoker (never smoked) previously 'Non-smoker'

The previous option of Ex-smoker has been disabled, although data recorded using this option is still visible and reportable.

Clinical Record

A new button has been added to clinical item form. This button allows you to print the details in the form before saving them.

Data Synchronisation

A new system parameter called 'Offline - Enable Discard Data' has been introduced. It controls whether offline clients will be able to discard their changes when synchronising. For more information, see System Parameters - System.

Investigation Requests

  • Investigation requests have been split up into two separate categories - radiology and pathology. For more information, see Investigation Requests.
  • Investigation types are no longer end-user maintainable and the Investigation types reference table has been removed. If you have created any 'local' investigation types - that is investigation types that did not exist in the original data, any investigation requests of that type will not be available by default. You can make these investigation requests available in the Investigations references table, for more information, see Investigation Maintenance.

Investigation Results

When matching incoming results to existing outstanding requests these are now presented with the most recent at the top. Also, by default, only outstanding requests from the last six months are shown (to see all requests change the filter to 'All').

PCEHR Record

The PCEHR window can now remain open whilst you are working in a patient's clinical record.

PCEHR Assisted Registration Identity Verification Code

There is now an option to print this code.

User Group Maintenance

A third locate field has been added to the user group maintenance window. This field can be used to locate any user registered with Communicare. For more information, see User Groups.

Patient Addresses

It is mandatory to enter a locality against all patient addresses. This previously only applied to patient home addresses. Where a locality is not known it should be set to ‘Other / Elsewhere’. Please note that addresses previously entered with no locality were not available for viewing in the Patient Biographics window. These will be automatically updated to have their locality set to ‘Other / Elsewhere’, and will now show in this window.

Qualifier Maintenance

The qualifier currency attribute is now maintainable for all qualifiers including centrally maintained qualifiers.


Items can now be removed from the 'Relevant Medical History' grid by right clicking them and selecting 'Remove Item from Obstetric Summary'.

Address Book

A new field called 'HPD Practice Name' has been added to store the organisation name associated with the organisation's HPI-O in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD). Address book entries that have a differing name recorded in Communicare to the name registered in the HPD can make use of this. For example, a service under the auspice of another.

Scanned Documents

There is a new label that has been added to the scanned document editor. This label indicates that user account that was used to scan the document and the date that it was scanned on.

Appointment Book Report

The ‘Phone’ field will now show either the patient’s Mobile Phone No, Home Phone No, or Work Phone No in that order. If the patient has no phone number recorded it will say ‘No Phone’.

.Net Requirements

Some Communicare modules require Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or greater to be installed. These modules are: o National Prescription and Dispense Repository (NPDR)
  • Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR)
  • Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • Electronic Transfer of Prescription (ETP)
  • Healthcare Identifier Service (HI)
  • Human Services Directory (HSD)
  • Secure Messaging
  • Reports outputting to the ANFPP web service, see Edit SQL Reports