Version 14.8

Release notes for V14.8.

Service Record

Added a new option to set the Claim type i.e. Medicare or Private.In private tab we added a new option to select the Billing type for the service. Based on the Billing Type selected the payer list and the Item Fee will change.

Patient Merge

The rule for merging Recalls, when patients are merged, has been reversed in response to user request and following confirmation from the Communicare Clinical Improvement Group (CCIG).

The new rule is: “If the same recall exists in the source and destination patients then the earlier recall is deleted and the later one is retained. In other words, where recalls are duplicated in the two records the recall is effectively moved to the later recall date.”

Private Billing Administration

Void Invoice : Invoice cannot be voided if there is any Amount Paid (part or full) against the selected invoice. Amount Paid needs to be refunded before the invoice can be voided.

Edit Invoice : Edit Invoice allows to edit the invoice by recording the reason for edit. Invoice cannot be edited if there is any Amount Paid (part or full) against the selected invoice. On Edit, original invoice become void & new invoice will be generated.

Refresh : Window can be refreshed manually or automatically after an interval (30 secs).

Refund : A refund amount facility is added into Private billing Administration function. Any over payment accepted by the service can be refunded to the payer.

Write Off : Allows to write off any Balance Due amount. The write off amount is deducted from the Balance Due and the Amount Paid remains same.

Transaction History : The full transactions history for the patient can be accessed using Transaction history page.

Gap Amount : Total MBS Amount and Gap amount are calculated.

Prescribing Once Off

In addition to renaming the existing Prescribing system right to Prescribing - Full, a new Prescribing - Once Off system right is introduced. The users with Prescribing - Once Off system rights can prescribe only once off medications. But they can still view regular medications in a read only mode. The Progress Notes has been updated accordingly.


A new window to read and send Intramail messages has been created. The main Communicare toolbar has been updated to display the current number of unread messages, and the label can be double-clicked to open the Intramail window. In addition to this, a button has been added to the main toolbar to quickly create a new Intramail message. It is now possible to reply to or forward Intramail messages.


Added the option to set a default formulary to use for a user group in User Group Maintenance.

Private Billing Types

Private Billing Types is a new lookup window to add/update/delete the private billing types. This lookup will have "Private" and "Other" billing types by default.

Fee Schedule Details

Fee Schedule Details is a new data entry form to add/update/delete the fee schedule details like billing types and associated fee related information.

Pathology Request Form

New pathology request form for Pathology Queensland is available.

.Net Requirements

In order for Communicare to run .Net 4.5.2 or greater needs to be installed.