Version 14.1

Release notes for V14.1.

Reviewing Documents

A new field has been added to the 'Details' section of the document form to allow the user to specify the program a document is reviewed under. The logic associated with reviewing documents has also been modified. See Reviewing Documents for more details.

Central and Local Reports

Central reports are those which are part of the standard Communicare report set, and are now denoted by the <image Central Report> icon. These are overwritten with the latest version every time Communicare is upgraded. When a central report has been edited on site it will be shown as ‘local’, as denoted by the icon, along with reports that have been created on-site. When you edit a central report you must change the report name (unless you are a System Administrator) as this ensures that the report will not be overwritten the next time Communicare is upgraded.

New Qualifier Type

We have introduced two new qualifier types: 'Date Time' and 'Time'. Creating a qualifier of this type presents the user with a date time picker control to enter date and time or time only.

New Qualifier Option

A new option 'Highlight Blank' is added to Clinical Item Type - Qualifiers. Use this if you wish to draw attention to qualifiers that are important to fill out.

MeHR to PCEHR Transition Module

The MeHR to PCEHR Transition module can be enabled in System Parameters and should be used to aid the transition of patients from the MeHR to the PCEHR. For more information please see: MeHR to PCEHR Transition.

Qualifier Type Properties

A new category is available in the category tab: ‘Clinical Synopsis’. This is not end user maintainable. Qualifiers with this category are included in the ‘Clinical Synopsis’ section of an Event Summary (see below.)

Shared Health Summary

Items in a Shared Health Summary now default to being ticked (included) or unticked (excluded) based on whether they were ticked or unticked in the Event Summary for the same service. If an Event Summary is not sent for a service, all items in that service default to unticked in any Shared Health Summary.

Event Summary

The ‘Clinical Synopsis’ section of an Event Summary now lists any qualifiers recorded within the service where the qualifier type has the category of ‘Clinical Synopsis’.

Printer Assignment Paper Source

The Printer Assignment dialog has a new option for selecting Paper Source for each category, which allows user to allocate a tray for each category.

Clinical Item Window

On pressing mouse button down on any of the buttons (except Help) on the bottom of the form, it will scroll to the bottom so the user gets a visual cue that there are more qualifiers. User may then slip off button to view/edit qualifiers in lower part of the form.

.Net Requirements

Some Communicare modules require Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 or greater to be installed. These modules are: o National Prescription and Dispense Repository (NPDR)
  • Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR)
  • Clinical Document Architecture (CDA)
  • Electronic Transfer of Prescription (ETP)
  • Healthcare Identifier Service (HI)
  • Human Services Directory (HSD)
  • Secure Messaging
  • Reports outputting to the ANFPP web service, see Edit SQL Reports