Version 14.7

Release notes for V14.7.

Patient Biographics

A new option to record a patient's photo on the Biographics form has been introduced. If the Enable Patient Photo option is enabled in the system parameters then the user can record patient's photo. If no photo has been associated with the patient a default photo will be displayed.

This functionality can be disabled from System Parameters. Contact helpdesk for the daily code if you wish to do this.

Central Data

This version of Communicare introduces two new central clinical items:

* CV Risk Calculator (CARPA STM)

* CV Risk Calculator (Framingham) Administrators should decide which calculator is most appropriate for their health service and optionally disable the other and place the preferred calculator on the Check up button or another suitable button in the Clinical Record. Details of each calculator are displayed at the top of the clinical item. Briefly, the CARPA STM version of Framingham adds 5% to the risk for Aboriginal patients and also calculates risk for Aboriginal patients from the age of 20 years (Framingham applies only to Aboriginal patients from the age of 35 years and non-Aboriginal patients from the age of 45 years).

New Central dataset

A dataset for the management of rheumatic heart disease and acute rheumatic fever is now available. There is an accompanying document to help the administrator enable local recall protocols, available from

Ordering of lateral qualifiers on Central items

Please note that where Central clinical items such as the Aboriginal health checks have qualifiers that refer separately to a 'left' and 'right' (e.g. ear or eye checks) these have been reviewed for consistency so that the 'right' qualifier always precedes the 'left' qualifier. Administrators may wish to review any local clinical items to reflect this convention. Clinicians should be alerted to this change to avoid confusion at the point of data entry.

Drawing Qualifier

There is now a qualifier called Drawing;blank canvas that can be used to add to local clinical items. This allows a clinician to create a drawing from a blank canvas. This supplements the existing list of 44 drawing qualifiers that feature selected body parts.

Recall Cancellation

'Attended another health service' has been added as a formal reason for cancelling a recall.

Letter Writing

Medicare expiry date has been added as a letter item for use in templates.

User Maintenance

A new option has been added to make usernames active or inactive. Only active users can log in to Communicare. This allows the administrator to temporarily disable a username (for example, a locum doctor who periodically accesses the database for short periods) without the need to delete and recreate.

Uploading Documents to a PCEHR in Communicare

This version of communicare has introduced a facility to upload documents to PCEHR in a delayed manner. When we click on " Save and Upload to PCEHR" button then the documents will be queued and will upload to PCEHR in a delayed manner.

Resending documents after failure

This version of Communicare introduces the facility to resend a document that has an error status. The document will be queued again or sent via Secure Messaging.

Administrator note: this functionality requires Argus version 6.0.15 or higher so please contact the Communicare helpdesk to arrange an upgrade if needed.

Argus API

Communicare is upgraded to Argus V2 API.

.Net Requirements

In order for Communicare to run .Net 4.5.2 or greater needs to be installed.