Version 4.0

Release notes for V4.0.


Communicare now has the facility to request investigations and then download the results from the pathology lab.


  • The Regular check box has been replaced by Once off and Regular medication radio buttons for greater clarity.
  • A Save as default check box on the prescription details form allows dosage and other details to be saved as a personal default for next time the same drug package is prescribed.
  • A Favorites check box on the prescription details form causes a medication to be added to your personal favorites and listed automatically every time you enter the drug browser.
  • The Print prescription check box can now be set to default to un-checked by a system parameter setting.

Recallable Clinical Items

Only Procedures and Immunisations can be recallable. This version prevents users from making any other class of clinical item recallable. If you still have, say, a condition which is both recallable and used in an automated recall you should first disable the automated recall then uncheck the Recallable checkbox of the condition.

If you have inadvertently created a procedure but assigned it a class other than procedure and wish to recall it you should contact Communicare for details.