Version 4.6

Release notes for V4.6.

Recall Responsibility

  • Recalls can now be assigned to particular groups of users for completion.
  • Automated recalls default to the responsibility assigned to the automated recall type.
  • Manual recalls default to the group of the user who is adding the recall.
  • Recalls due reports can be filtered for a particular responsibility.

Pathology Results

  • A patient's clinical record can now be accessed directly from the Review Results window.
  • Pathology results sent by providers that support highlighting will now appear with the proper font styles and colours.

Progress Notes

In the clinical record the place and mode for each service and provider is displayed as well as the date and provider.

HIC Online

Each encounter place can now have its own HIC location ID.

Service Recording

The Service Recording window now auto-refreshes every minute to display changes. The manual refresh facility is still available (F5).

Transport module

Numbers of patients who did not attend for transport can now be recorded.