Version 4.5

Release notes for V4.5.


A patient's recalls are now only visible on the Summary page of the Clinical Record. The Detail page will only show completed procedures and immunisations.

Note that the Recalls pane can be resized if it is too small. Communicare will remember the size based on the user's Windows logon username.

HIC Online

Online Medicare claims are now available using Communicare. Contact Communicare for further information.

Health Centre Prescription

NT sites that use rural prescriptions or medication charts can opt to print a health centre prescription instead of the standard prescription. Contact Communicare for further information.

Clinical Terms Browser

The clinical terms browser now supports searching by keyword PLUS word-search. The list of terms associated with a single keyword can sometimes be quite long. After entering a few letters of a key word enter a space followed by a few letters of any word appearing in the term you are searching for and the pick list will be shortened accordingly.

For Example DIAB will list all diabetes terms.

The search can be further refined by entering the starting characters of a second word. Terms that do not contain a word starting with those characters will be eliminated.

For Example DIAB ME will shorten the list to 'Diabetes melitus' only.

Reference Tables

Communicare reference tables with two grids (top and bottom) now have two navigation and edit bars to make it clearer which grid is being edited.

Appointment Book Report

Cancelled sessions are no longer shown when printing the Appointment Book Report.


Changes include:
  • double-clicking on a prescription will allow you to either edit or repeat that prescription
  • prescriptions now show the address details of the encounter place rather than the site address details. To amend the address details for an encounter place go to File|Reference Tables|Encounter Place and right click on the upper grid, selecting Show hidden columns. Edit the address fields here.


  • This release also addresses a few minor issues.