Investigation results

You can review investigation results received directly from pathology or imaging laboratories and matched to patients.

To display a list of investigation results received for all patients, in the toolbar, click Documents and Results iconDocuments and Results > Investigation Results tab. Review and match a patient's investigation results from this tab. For more information, see Reviewing and matching results.

Tip: Results matched to a patient are displayed in their clinical record:
  • To display investigation results, on the Detail tab, set View Clinical Items By to Class and select the Ix Result tab.
  • To display both requests and investigation results, on the Detail tab, set View Clinical Items By to Topic and select the Investigations tab.
If a result is unreviewed, the date is highlighted in red. To review a result, double-click it.

Results received electronically are saved to the Communicare server at Communicare_installation\Results by default.

A service checks every 5 minutes for files in this folder and processes the results, which then appear on the Investigation Results tab.

If your site uses a Communicare Appliance Server, the default location is a shared folder called Results on the server. For example, if your server is called ccareabcd, and your organisation is called Org1, the results are placed in \\ccareabcd\Results\Org1.

HealthLink files should be placed in \Results\Org1\HealthLink folder.

Reassigning investigation results

If you need to assign the investigation result to another provider for review:
  1. Select the result you want to reassign and click Reassign iconReassign.
    Tip: To display the Provider Reassignment window from anywhere in the Investigation Results tab, press r.
  2. In the Provider Reassignment window, from the with list of providers, select the provider who you'd like to review the results instead.
    Tip: All enabled providers are included so the list can be long. Start typing a provider's name to jump to it in the list, then select it.
  3. Click OK.

Deleting investigation results

If a result is not matched and it has been sent to your health service by mistake or is not relevant to any of your patients, you can delete it. Deleted results are not deleted from Communicare, but are no longer listed in the Investigation Results tab by default.

To delete a result:
  1. Select the result in the list.
  2. Click Delete iconDelete.

If a result is deleted in error, set the filter to show Deleted results and delete the result in the same way: it will become an unmatched, unreviewed result once again.