Clinical Terms Browser

The Clinical Terms Browser is displayed each time you need to select a Clinical Item Type.

Clinical terms are the words used to describe each Clinical Item Type. The terms browser is the tool that you use to select the words that will describe the condition, procedure, referral, recall, etc. that you wish to record.

The browser window features five tabs to allow terms to be selected using entirely different methods. The five tabs are titled Keyword, Most Recently Used, Topic, Picture and Advanced.

Keyword Searching

Any number of keywords may be defined for a clinical term. Keywords can be any word of two or more characters that you may wish to use to locate a clinical term. The keywords do not necessarily have to be in the terms. For example, 'Heart Attack' could be located using keywords 'Heart', 'Attack', 'Infarction', 'MI' or any other word or abbreviation you care to define.

Enter the starting characters of a keyword to search for all terms that have keywords starting with those characters. For Example DIAB will list all diabetes terms. The search can be further refined by entering the starting characters of a second word. Terms that do not contain a word starting with those characters will be eliminated. For Example, DIAB ME will shorten the list to 'Diabetes melitus' only.