Special Qualifiers

Some qualifiers are special.

Calculating Qualifiers

Some qualifiers are calculated automatically, such as BMI and GFR. Other special qualifiers are used in their calculation, such as:
  • Weight - must be in kg
  • Height - must be in cm
  • Creatinine - can be in umol/L or mmol/L

HL7 Qualifiers

Some qualifiers are used to automatically extract values from HL7 format electronic investigation results. Running the report at Report > Reference Tables > Numeric Qualifiers - Central will show you these qualifiers.

Required Qualifiers

When completing a clinical item you may notice some qualifiers have a red or blue dot next to them. A red dot indicates that a value must be entered before the clinical item can be completed. If a required qualifier is not recorded then the item becomes an 'incomplete' item and a recall is created for the item. A blue dot marks a required qualifier that has already been addressed within a specified time interval.

Qualifiers with a range

Some numeric qualifiers have a restriction on the range of values that can be entered. These are particularly useful in cases where different units may be used, such as trying to enter grams instead of kilograms.

System Codes

Some qualifiers are recognised in Communicare reports by a special system code. Running the report atReport > Reference Tables > System Codes and Rule Codes will show you these qualifiers.