Qualifier edit panes

In the clinical item, set or change the values of qualifiers associated with that clinical item in the qualifier edit panes.

Qualifier edit panes are displayed in the clinical item if the clinical item has associated qualifiers. For example, clinical item High blood pressure has BP qualifiers.Clinical item with qualifier panes highlighted

If a qualifier has previously recorded values for that patient, the date and value of the most recent observation is displayed in brackets.

To display a complete list of previous values for a qualifier for comparison, click Previous measurements iconPrevious Measurements.

If the qualifier contains an image, to display the image at full size, double-click the image. Double-click to close the window.

Resizing images

Communicare puts a restriction of 500Kb on any image that can be stored as a qualifier. If the image you have is very high resolution then you can reduce the size of the file by doing the following:
  1. Open the image file in Microsoft Paint (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint).
  2. Select Image > Stretch/Skew and adjust the horizontal and vertical stretch values to the required size, say 50%.
    Tip: You can also use Image > Flip/Rotate if required.
  3. Select File > Save As and from Save as type, select JPEG (*;*.JPEG;*.JPE;*.JFIF).
  4. Enter a different file name if required and click Save.

This will reduce the size of the file size considerably with no noticeable loss of detail when viewed on the computer screen.

Uploading images from external USB devices

You can upload images to various locations in Communicare, including qualifiers, letters and patient biographics.

You can also upload icons with a .ico format to qualifiers.
Note: Large icons and icons with compression are not supported by Communicare. Limit icons to 64x64px.

An image can be uploaded directly into Communicare from an external device if it is recognised as a USB Mass Storage Device, that is, it is mounted as a drive, with a letter, in Windows when it is connected. For example, external HDDs, USB sticks, most cameras.

Phones and tablets cannot be used to directly import an image to Communicare. These devices are not recognised as a USB Mass Storage Device. Instead they appear as a device in Microsoft Windows, and are not mounted as a drive. To import an image stored on a phone or tablet, first copy the image from the device to a local folder, then browse to this folder from within Communicare.

Tip: This restriction also applies to PDF files uploaded as attachments.
To upload an image to a qualifier after you have copied it to the Communicare server:
  1. In the clinical record, add a clinical item that has associated image qualifier. For example, clinical item Domestic violence which has an image qualifier of Photograph of injury.Image qualifier options
  2. In the clinical item, the qualifier lists any images that have previously been uploaded to the same clinical item:
    • The date of the most recent image uploaded for this qualifier is listed. To view the most recent image, double-click the link.
    • To display a complete list of previous images for comparison, click Previous measurements iconPrevious Measurements. Double-click an item in the list to open it.
  3. To load a new image, click Load Image. The image is displayed in the qualifier in the clinical item window.
  4. Click Save.