Data Entry Wizard

The Communicare Data Entry Wizard allows users to enter a clinical item into multiple patient records with ease. This is extremely useful when entering, say, a particular immunisation given to a group of patients.

The user is prompted at first to confirm the details of the services performed (provider name, encounter place and mode and date) and then select a clinical item from the Clinical_Terms_Browser.

The Patient_Search form is then presented to select the first patient. Details of that item are presented for adding a comment or any qualifiers that may be attached to the item. If there is an automated recall then the usual form is presented to edit, cancel or accept the recall for that patient.

Once you have finished entering the details for the first patient, the patient search screen is presented again to select the next patient, and so on until all patients have had the item recorded. At this point the patient search is cancelled.

The user can now change the service details to enter items for another provider, mode, place or date. There is an option to specify whether to mark created encounters as Not Claimable. The user can also select a different clinical item and enter that for a group of patients.

The rights to use the data entry wizard can be given to users without granting them the right to open patients' clinical records. This is particularly useful when the provider is not a health professional but is recording a non-medical service, such as providing transport, or when the provider is a visiting specialist, such as a dentist, and is required to record some specific procedures but not to consult the full clinical record.

Rules obeyed by the Data Entry Wizard

Data Entry Wizard is not the Clinical Record.

Data Entry Wizard is a stripped down version of the Clinical Record and it only allows adding clinical items to a patient's clinical record without opening the full clinical record.

As such some restrictions apply:
  • When selecting the provider, place and mode of the service a date is also required.
  • The service is created or started only if the clinical item has been added to the clinical record.
These are the rules used for creating/starting a service:
  1. If no encounter exists with the selected place/mode for the selected patient then a date only encounter is created.
  2. If an encounter exists but it is not started then the encounter is started and finished.
  3. If an encounter exists but it is not finished then the encounter is finished.
  4. If an encounter exists but it is finished then the encounter is not changed.

This means that if a doctor saw the patient in the morning and finished the service it does not matter when we use Data Entry Wizard because we will preserve the existing timestamps. It also means that if there is a booking or waiting encounter for the patient we will start and finish it automatically.

There will be a progress note generated for the service, with the clinical item added. This item will have the viewing right normally associated with it, and the note will have your default viewing right (the same as a service you normally create receives).