Exporting Queries

Usually a QueryBuilder or SQL report is run from the 'Yes' button and a printable display is presented to the user. The layout of the report is designed to be printed. However, sometimes the data is required in a different format, for example for electronic distribution to non-Communicare users or for further manipulation in a program other than Communicare.

Query results may be exported in several ways:

Export straight to Excel

Run the report but instead of selecting 'Yes' select 'Export'. If you have Excel installed on your computer then it opens up with the data in the table. You can manipulate and save this data using Excel. This is the easiest way to export data from a Communicare report.

Use the Export button from the Advanced results

Run the report but instead of selecting 'Yes' select 'Advanced'. The results appear in a grid.
  • Click the 'Export data' button at the bottom right of the results window.
  • Transfer the required Source fields to the Destination window and click Next.
  • Select the required program format type and click Next. 'Excel (DDE)' will produce an Excel spreadsheet. ASCII will create a text file with various options presented after the Next click. Take care to change the default date format from MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY and to declare a file name.
  • Verify the number of records and click the Export! button.

The exporting process will begin and on completion a success message will be displayed.

Use the Save Report button from the print layout

Run the report selecting 'Yes'. The print layout is shown. Use the 'Save Report' button at the top to save the output as an HTML document (*.HTM), Excel spreadsheet (*.XLS), RTF File (*.RTF), Comma Separated (*.CSV), Text file (*.TXT) or Simple XML Document (*.XML).

Note that this function is saving the printed layout and may not include all the raw data, especially if the layout includes headings and subheadings and the csv option is chosen. For a comprehensive export of all raw data use the Export button rather than this option