Query Builder

The Communicare Query Builder module is a sophisticated query by example (QBE) application that you can use to produce a large variety of specific user-defined reports.

Any user who has basic knowledge and experience with general Query tools will find Query Builder straightforward and relatively simple to use.

Once a Query Builder query (report) has been saved, it can be run from the Communicare Reports menu. Query builder reports can be distinguished from other reports by the Query Builder icon icon displayed next to the report name on the menu.

Tip: This Query Builder topic contains only the basic information needed to "drive" Query Builder and is not intended to be a detailed query tool operational guide.

Communicare uses a relational database which simply means groups of related data kept together. This data is stored in Tables for example: Patient Details are stored in one table and Provider Details in another. These tables are related to each other (or linked) when there is a patient encounter or clinical visit. Each Table consists of Fields such as Patient Id, Patient Forename, Patient DOB, etc. All fields which make up a single patient's details or profile is known as a Record.

Tip: These terms are often used interchangeably, but mean the same thing:
  • Table = File
  • Column = Field
  • Row = Record

Queries are the means of extracting specific records (which meet certain criteria) from one or more related tables. for example: a list of all male patients who visited the clinic in the last week who saw a particular provider. Queries can become very complex and sophisticated. Often the best method is to "build" them gradually to ensure the results are accurate and relevant.

Note: Never assume the results of your query are correct. Always verify them to ensure accuracy. for example, a query's result may return no records. This can mean that no one meets the criteria set or there is an error in one or more of your criteria. Be cautious!
Query Builder can be accessed within Communicare by one of the following methods:
  • SelectReport > Query Builder.
  • In Patient Search, click Query Builder iconAdvanced.